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Safety Orientation:

Terms & Conditions:

Customers are Responsible for ensuring themselves and family members are Physically and Mentally suitable for riding ATV's and UTV's. This includes Checking with Your primary Care Doctors and children's Pediatricians and Disclosing any Medical Conditions that may impair ones ability to operate an ATV or UTV.

The First 4 Hours of Gas is Provided by Ridin' Dirty Rentals and then $5 Per Hour is Added After That.

Must have a Valid Driver's License if 16 Years of Age or Older (No Expirations or Revocations)

Must be 18 Years or Older to sign the rental agreement. Must be 25 Years or older to Operate any UTV. Must be at least 7 years of age to Operate an ATV. Must be at least 3 years of age to ride in a UTV.

When paying with a debit/credit card there is a 4% convenience fee.

Rental times must start by or before 5:00 PM

We require a 48 Hour Cancellation Notice for Refund.

After your Scheduled Appointment Time Starts, we will "Hold" your reservation for Up To 30 Minutes, if you have Not made arrangements with us by then, your machine(s) will be rented out and you will forfeit 25% of your Reservation Total (Known as a No call/No show Fee). Showing up Late will result in Reduced Riding Time.

Required, Base Damage Deposits:

$300 ATV Rentals

$1,000 UTV/SxS Rentals

Required, Specialty Damage Deposits (in place of base deposits):

$500 Raptor 700 ATV Rentals

$2,000 Can-Am UTV/SxS Rentals

Please, Review our Additional Legal Notices:

All trademarks, copyrights, slogans and the information (including images) are the property of Ridin' Dirty Rentals and protected under applicable copyright and trademark laws.

Common-law Rights Do Apply to all of our Slogans and Logos.

Downloading or copying any content on this site for commercial use or monetary gain is strictly prohibited without express written permission from Ridin' Dirty Rentals.


1) Posted Publicly

2) Sent to Ridin' Dirty Rentals (or Representatives of Ridin' Dirty Rentals)

For marketing purposes, testimonials, etc. without obtaining permission.

Ridin' Dirty Rentals RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO RENT TO ANYONE; If Anyone is Rude, Inappropriate, etc. to Any Member of Ridin' Dirty Rentals they Will forfeit their Reservation and any Funds/Deposits paid regardless of the cancellation period being met or not.

Ridin' Dirty Rentals RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DENY PARTICIPATION TO ANY INDIVIDUAL(S) IN ANY OR ALL EVENTS (Virtual or physical) as Ridin' Dirty Rentals sees fit.

Please, be respectful of Ridin' Dirty Rentals, our representatives, our property, our other customers & our Social Media Community.

Ridin' Dirty Rentals takes reasonable efforts to ensure that information on this site is both accurate and complete but no guarantee is directly or indirectly implied as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Users of this site assume all responsibility or risk.

We respect your privacy and will not sell or share your information to any third parties. We do use cookies.

Ridin' Dirty Rental, its affiliates, or business partners involved in the product sales/manufacturing, website content, administration and/or recommendations found on this website cannot and will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage, including but not limited to indirect, direct, punitive, lost profits, or incidental, consequential damages (including damages due to computer virus infections) arising from lost data or interruptions in daily business as a result of a visitor’s access or inability to access information on this site.

Any Affiliate products sold onsite and mentioned or directly listed on this site are intended for use in the USA and to be used in compliance with each individual item’s directions and/or description of use.

All customers should consider speaking with a licensed physician (where a legitimate doctor/patient relationship exists) before operating any Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle. Age, physical condition, underlying medical conditions, pregnency, etc. may impact your ability to safely operate an ATV or UTV.

This site may contain links to other sites, produced by other organizations which may contain information about products not currently approved in the United States. Information about products available in other countries is not an endorsement by Ridin' Dirty Rentals of such products or their methods of use. Such sites may have information that is only accurate for that country. Ridin' Dirty Rentals cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or misleading information on other sites.

Ridin' Dirty Rentals reserves the right to alter the legal notification, privacy policy, content, or other information on this site without notice.


Our goal is for you to have a blast. Plain and simple. Please, don't hesitate to check out our FAQ section so that we can help you have the best time possible. We provide top quality rides and top notch advice. We Love helping first-time riders but love it when anyone comes and has a good time. Whether it is your very first time or you just need a couple extra machines for your group, we can help.

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